Anonymous asked:

Hey it's me the one who needed to talk. So I have been struggling a lot. I just moved to a new town because of my dads pastoring job. It was the hardest for me considering I was starting high school and I had so much expectation that i was gunna have the best of friends and it would just be awesome. Freshman year has gone by, I met a few people but not the people I expected. I just wanted god to give me an amazing life but I miss my old one and my old friends. I feel ugly, worthless and lonely


To start: You are beautiful, you are incredibly valuable and you have never and will never be alone. God is always with you, he has created and shaped you into the beautiful creation you are. Sometimes we pray that God will give us something and when he doesn’t we feel as though he has not heard our prayer or he has forgotten us. But God always answers prayers, it is just that sometimes he answers them in a way we don’t like. Sometimes God says no when we pray he will say yes. Now God is not doing this to punish you, but rather he sees the bigger picture, he sees how this will all work out. God can see what will ultimately happen. Life is hard. We have very low lows and very high highs, but the majority of life is going to be mundane. There will be days when we feel completely and totally average, but we can still run after God on those days. Choosing to pursue him is a conscious choice every day. I truly and full-heartedly believe that is you chase after God with all your heart you will live the most amazing life that you could ever live.